one hell of a project

9 Sep

Big news! And a request for help with it.

We’re working on a new project where we write and record songs based on what you want to hear. We really wanted to create something fun and interact more with you lovely people.
How it works is simple.
Go to our fiverr project page (right here!) pay $5 and request a song from us. It can be on any topic. Yes, we’ll even sing about Twilight if asked.
Once we have 15 songs we’ll put them all together as one album that will be up for sale. But those awesome 15 people who requested songs will receive the full CD for free. Free!
There’s also a Facebook event in case, you know, you like rsvp-ing to things.
It’ll be running now until Wrockstock (pssst! you should go!)

We’re really excited about this and we’re looking forward to serenading you!


26 Jul

The upcoming shows page has been properly updated for your viewing pleasure. Can’t wait to see Grace and the Carpe Geekdom crew in a few weeks!
Also, there’s less than 100 days till Wrockstock V. Excite!

Tour de Firenze invades Chicago

10 Jul

Awesome show was awesome. We love our Texas wrocker friends. Even if we didn’t all rock out and have a grand ole time at the show, it would have been fantastic just to see all their lovely faces.
Everyone was amazing! Honestly, it’s just plain fun to play with people you’re also close friends with. It adds the perfect amount of energy and love to the air. Yeah, that’s cheesy. Whatever. We love these wizards and witches enough to say it.
And only they could get us to play Wizard Rock F Yeah, despite not remembering most of the lyrics.
Hopefully, we don’t have to wait forever and a day till the next time we see them.

Now off to try and book a show for next month. Wish us luck all goes according to plan.

woot woot

9 Jun

We’re playing a show in July with KwikSpell, The Sweetwater All-Stars, and Miss Parkinson!
Full details (TBD) on the Facebook event page.
The Shire is also officially our new practice space. We has an excite!

Points of Possible Interest

31 May

We’re still reeling from Wrockstock excitement, but a few other things we also have in the works.

We haven’t abandoned the ep’s, just re-thinking how to go about them. Funny story, it’s overwhelming trying to pump out three to five songs every few weeks on top of writing a second album and planning summer shows. Who knew. Ok, we did, but we still have a few more ep’s we’re for sure going to do, so stay tuned for those. You can still gander at and download the previous ep’s and CD via our BandCamp.

Second album! It’s started. And by started, we mean, we’re in the early days of writing and working on tightening up and kicking our music up a notch or two.
Summer shows! We have a few in the works, and we’ll make sure to keep you as up to date as possible on those as they come along.

So that’s what’s been happening in inferi world the past couple of weeks. It’s looking to be an exciting summer/fall.

Also, completely unrelated, cause too much text and nothing else is silly, here’s a blurry photo of the recent Diagon Alley show we went to. Everyone’s radioactive. Sadly, no super powers emerged.

Also, check out the outtakes of the Wrockstock promo we did. Mistakes are funny. At least, ours are to us.

BIG News!

28 May

We haven’t posted lately cause we’ve been too over the moon about some huge news that we’ve had to keep under wraps for a few weeks. Which has been hard, to say the least.
But now we can share!

Wreggies aftermath

14 Apr

There’s really nothing much else to say. We were nervous at first, but once it started…fantastic!
Stacy from Swish and Flick drummed for us, and we could not have been more excited. It was a dream of ours to have an full band, made up of all women, and we finally got to do it! We can’t thank her enough for learning our songs and being generally a kick-ass person.
Debuted a new song, Everybody Dies. For those who haven’t heard it, it’s cute and upbeat, we promise.
Ukulele smashed like a boss. Was a bit worried, but it knew it’s short life had to go out with a bang.
Speaking of which: confetti cannons. Hot damn. Huge thanks to Liz, Jill, Jeff, and Ashley for being our cannon crew for the song. It was icing on the cake.

The rest of the weekend was just as awesome. All the bands were amazing! There’s nothing like watching performer/band, who we usually see play acoustic, plug in and tear the stage a new one (in a good way). It was also great to see such a large turnout, especially those who traveled long distances, to be there. Wrock fans have a dedication that’s hard to describe, and we like it!

And as always, we loved seeing and catching up with friends and making new ones while dancing the weekend away. We wish these sorts of shows happened more often (or we had the chance to tour/travel), so it won’t feel like forever between when we see you lovelies.

The goal was to rock out and have fun. And we did. The end.

P.S. We didn’t get the chance to take pictures, so if anyone reading this has shots of the weekend….share! We’re vain and like seeing us and our friends having crazy awesome fun times.